Unit 07 Kickoff Paper:Measures to Address Japan’s Low Birthrate and Regional Revitalization ──An Economic Approach

Tatsuo Hatta
Asian Growth Research Institute;
Center for Policy Analysis, Keizai Doyukai

 “Birthrates in Japan differ between regions, and any national measures intended to improve its birthrate have to take this fact into con...

Unit 07-A: City Structure and Marriage: A Comparison of Sapporo City and the Greater Fukuoka Area

Masayuki Nakagawa
College of Economics, Nihon University


 A report published by the Japan Policy Council in 2014 argued that the concentration of Japan’s population in Tokyo, a city with a low birthrate, was lowering the b...

Unit 07-B: Childcare and Measures targeting Japan’s Low Birthrate ― What Effect Can the Decentralization of Authority Have on the Birthrate?

Wataru Suzuki
Faculty of Economics, Gakushuin University

1.Ensuring Employment Opportunities is Essential for Measures addressing the Declining Birthrate

 The important thing to be borne in mind when considering the appropriate direction...