Atoh Makoto (2)

ATOH, Makoto

Honorary Director-General, the National Institute of Population and Social Security Research.

Previously, Dr. Atoh was Director-General of the Institute of Population Problems, Director-General of the National Institute of Population and Social Security Research, and Professor of Faculty of Human Sciences, Waseda University.

Ph.D. in Sociology (University of Michigan)

Research Field:Population issues.

Makoto Atoh et al. (eds.) (2011), Family Changes in the Age of Below-Replacement Fertility: Partnership and Childbearing, University of Tokyo Press.
Makoto Atoh (2000), Contemporary Demography, Basic Knowledge about Aging Societies with Below-Replacement Fertility, Nihon Hyoronsha.




Associate Professor, Faculty of Economics, Niigata University. Ph.D. in Economics (Osaka University). He was previously a lecture at Niigata University.

Research Field:Theory of Industrial Organization, Firm Economics, International Economics


Kojun Hamada (2016) “Alternative Strategies of a Public Enterprise in Oligopoly Revisited: An Extension to Stackelberg Competition,” Bulletin of Economic Research.
Kojun Hamada, Akihiko Kaneko, Mitsuyoshi Yanagihara (2016) “The Transfer Paradox in a Pay-as-you-go Pension System,” International Economics and Economic Policy, pp. 1-18.
Kojun Hamada (2016) ‘Privatization Neutrality Theorem and Discriminatory Subsidy Policy,’ in Pierre von Mouche and Federico Quartieri (eds.), Equilibrium Theory for Cournot Oligopolies and Related Games: Essays in Honour of Koji Okuguchi (Springer Series in Game Theory), Springer.

Niigata University


Hara Toshihiko

HARA, Toshihiko

Professor, School of Design, Sapporo City University.

President of the Population Association of Japan (PAJ) (June 2014 – June 2017). Before assuming current positions, Professor Hara was Chief Researcher of IAE (The Institute of Applied Energy )and Associate Professor of Hokkaido-Tokai-University.

Ph.D. in Sociology (Albert-Ludwigs-University of Freiburg)

Research Field:Population Sociology, System Dynamics, Fertility Decline, Depopulation, Regional Population.

Publications: Hara,Toshihiko (2008), “Increasing Childlessness in Germany and Japan: Toward a Childless Society?”, International Journal of Japanese Sociology (IJJS), Vol.17, pp.42-64.

Hara,Toshihiko (2014), A Shrinking Society: Post-Demographic Transition in Japan, Series: SpringerBriefs in Population Studies 2014, VI.



HATTA, Tatsuo

President, Asian Growth Research Institute; Director, Center for Policy Analysis, Keizai Doyukai
Before assuming current positions, Dr. Hatta was Professor of the Johns Hopkins University, Professor of Osaka University, Professor of Tokyo University, and President of National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies.
Ph.D. in EconomicsJohns Hopkins University
Research Field:Public Economics
Publications: Microeconomics I, II (2008, 2009) Toyo Keizai Inc.


Asian Growth Research Institute



HAYASHI, Masayoshi

Professor, Faculty & Graduate School of Economics, University of Tokyo. Ph.D. in Economics (Queen’s University).

Research Field:Public Finance, Fiscal Federalism, Social Protection


Masayoshi Hayashi, Hikaru Kokawa, Bessho Shunichiro (2010) Public Economics, Yuhikaku Publishing

Should the Japanese tax system be more progressive? An evaluation using the simulated SMCFs based on the discrete choice model of labor supply (with S. Bessho). International Tax and Public Finance 22(1), 144–175, 2015.

Increasing marginal costs and satiation in the private provision of public goods: Group size and optimality revisited (with H. Ohta). International Tax and Public Finance 14(6), 673–683, 2007.

An empirical analysis of intergovernmental tax interaction: The case of business taxes in Canada (with R. Boadway). Canadian Journal of Economics 34(2), 481–503, 2001.

Research Gate



HONMA, Masayoshi

Professor, Graduate School of Agricultural and Life Sciences, The University of Tokyo.
Before assuming current positions, Professor Honma was Professor of Seikei University.
Ph.D. in EconomicsIowa State University
Research Field:Agricultural Economics, Development Economics
Masayoshi Honma and Yujiro Hayami (2009), “Japan, Republic of Korea, and Taiwan, China”, in K. Anderson, ed., Distortions to Agricultural Incentives: A Global Perspective, 1955-2007, London: Palgrave Macmillan and Washington DC: World Bank.
Aurelia Mulgan and Masayoshi Honma (eds.) (2015), The Political Economy of Japanese Trade Policy , London: Palgrave Macmillan.



IWAMOTO, Yasushi

Professor, Graduate School of Economics, University of Tokyo. Ph.D. in Economics (Osaka University). He previously was professor at Hitotsubashi University.
Research FieldPublic Economics, Macroeconomics
Publications: Macroeconomics (2010) Yuhikaku Publishing.


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KANEKO, Ryuichi

Deputy Director-General, the National Institute of Population and Social Security Research.

Before assuming current positions, Dr. Kaneko was Fellow of Princeton University, Visiting Research Fellow of Rockefeller University and Director of Department of Population Dynamics Research, the National Institute of Population and Social Security Research.

PhD. in Demography (University of Pennsylvania)

Research Field:Demography, Population statistics, Population biology.

Publications: Ryuichi Kaneko (2011), “The Society Created by the Longevity Revolution: Historical Development and Associated Issues,” The Japanese Journal of Population, Vol.9, No.1,

Ryuichi Kaneko, A. Ishikawa, F. Ishii, T. Sasai, et al. (2009),”Commentary to Population Projections for Japan — A Supplement to Report of the 2006 Revision, in A. Ishikawa, F. Ishii, T. Sasai, et al. The Japanese Journal of Population, Vol. 7 No. 1.




Associate Professor, Faculty of Policy Informatics, Chiba University of Commerce. Ph.D. in Economics. He previously was Senior Research Fellow at Policy Research Institute, Ministry of Finance.

Research Field:Public finance


Mitsunari Ishida and Wataru Kobayashi (2012) “The Function of Local Allocation Taxes in the Securing of Revenue Sources: Verification of the Neutrality and Appropriateness of Local Allocation Taxes.” Public Policy Review, Vol.8, No4, pp.453-478.

Mitsunari Ishida and Wataru Kobayashi (2012) “The Distribution of Functions between Local and Central Government in River and Road Administration and Finance: With Regard to Spillover Measures.” Public Policy Review, Vol.8, No4, pp.479-502.



KOMATSU, Masayuki

Senior Fellow, the Tokyo Foundation. President, Institute of Ecosystem Research. Visiting Research Professor, Asian Growth Institute. Executive Director for Resource Management, Government of Niigata Prefecture. Dr. Komatsu previously was director of the Resource and Environment Division at the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries. He also served as deputy director in charge of whaling, director and counselor for international negotiations, executive director of the Fisheries Research Agency, and professor at the National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies of Japan. He was also chair of the Indian Ocean Tuna Commission and chair of the Committee of Fisheries,Food and Agriculture Organizaition (FAO) of the United Nations. Ph.D. in agriculture and life sciences (University of Tokyo).

Research Field:Fisheries, whaling, marine and global ecosystems, leadership and negotiation theory and Practice


Masayuki Komatsu (2013), Special Study on Sustainable Fisheries Management and international Trade in the Southeast Asia and Pacific Region, ADBI Working Paper Series No 438.
Masayuki Komatsu (2012), Who Owns the Sea?, The Japan Times.
Masayuki Komatsu (2005), Discovering Whales around Tokyo Bay, The Japan Times.
Masayuki Komatsu (2004), The History and Science of Whales, The Japan Times.
Masayuki Komatsu (2003), Whales and the Japanese: How We Have Come to Live in Harmony with the Bounty of the Sea, Institute of Cetacean Research.




Professor, Graduate School of Law, the Advanced Institute for Law and Politics Globalisation, Hokkaido University. LL.M. (University of Cambridge). She previously was research associate at Faculty of Law, University of Tokyo, associate professor at Research Department, the National Institution for Academic Degrees, and associate professor at School of International Relations, University of Shizuoka.

Research Field:International law, New fields of law.


Mari Koyano (2009) “Effective Implementation of International Environmental Agreements: Learning Lessons from the Danube Delta Conflict.” in Komori and Wellens (eds.), Public Interest Rules of International Law –Towards Effective Implementation, Routledge, pp. 259-291.
Mari Koyano (2013) “Whaling Issues: International Law and Japan.” The Hokkaido Law Review, Vol. 63, No.5, pp. 1424-1383.
Mari Koyano (2015) “Can International Law Contribute to Managing Transboundary Environmental Problems in North-East Asia?: Limits and Possibilities of a Legal Approach in a North-East Asian Context.” The Hokkaido Law Review, Vol. 65, No.6, pp. 1944-1914.

Hokkaido University
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Associate Professor, Graduate School of Economics, Kobe University. Ph.D. in Economics (Hitotsubashi University). He previously was associate professor at Toyo University and Nagoya Gakuin University.

Research Field:Public Finance


Tomomi Miyazaki (2016) “Fiscal stimulus effectiveness in Japan: evidence from recent policies,” Applied Economics, Vol.48, No.27, pp.2506-2515

Tomomi Miyazaki (2014) “Housing bubbles, government responses and economic/corporate adjustments: Can Europe learn from Japan?” In Wolff. G B. and Yoshii M., eds. Japan and the European Union in the Global Economy, Bruegel Blueprint No.22, pp.49-63, Bruegel Institute.

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Kobe University



MIZOO, Yoshitaka

Director, the Japan Travel Bureau Foundation.

Previously, Dr. Mizoo was Professor and Dean of College of Tourism, Rikkyo University, Professor of Faculty of Tourism, Josai International University, and Professor and Chair of Department of Regional Economics, Faculty of Economics, Teikyo University.

Doctor of Science (Tsukuba University)

Yoshitaka Mizoo (2015) “Tourism: Basics and Practices (revised edition) (in Japanese),” Kokon Shoin.
Yoshitaka Mizoo (2011) “Tourism and Landscape (in Japanese),” Kokon Shoin.
Yoshitaka Mizoo (ed.) (2009) “Basics of Tourism (in Japanese),” Hara Shobo.
Yoshitaka Mizoo (2007) “Town Planning through Tourism: on-site reports from Niihari Village, Kotohira Town, Sado City and Kawagoe City (in Japanese),” Hara Shobo.



NAKAGAWA, Masayuki

Professor, College of Economics, Nihon University. Ph.D. in Economics (Osaka University). He previously served at Ministry of Construction, and was associate professor at Institute of Social and Economic Research, Osaka University, and Director of Urban Development Finance, Urban Policy Division, City and Regional Development Bureau, Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism.

Research Field:Housing policy, and policy evaluation of urban disaster-prevention measures, and economic analysis of urban development.

Masayuki Nakagawa (2014) “The Characteristics and the Future of the Japanese housing market in Comparison with U.S. Housing market.” Journal of the Center for Real Estate Studies, Vol.2, No.1, 2014 spring, pp.18-30.
Masayuki Nakagawa, Makoto Saito, and Hisaki Yamaga (2009) “Earthquake risks and land prices: Evidence from the Tokyo metropolitan area,” The Japanese Economic Review, Vol. 60, Issue 2, pp. 208-222.

Nihon University



OHIZUMI, Kazunuki

Project Leader, The 21st Century Public Policy Institute, Keidanren.Before assuming current positions, Dr. Ohizumi was Professor and Vice President of the Miyagi University.
Doctor of AgricultureTohoku University
Research Field:Farm Management
Publications: Kazunuki Ohizumi (2009)Converting Japan’s Agriculture into a Growing Industry (in Japanese), Yosensha Publishing.
Kazunuki Ohizumi (2014), Hope of Japan’s Agriculture (in Japanese), NHK Publishing.



SATO, Motohiro

Professor, Graduate School of Economics, Applied Economics, School of International and Public Policy, Hitotsubashi University. Ph.D. in Economics (Queen’s University). He previously was associate professor at Hitotsubashi University. And he served as Dean of School of International and Public Policy, School of International and Public Policy, Hitotsubashi University from April 2012 to March 2014.

Research Field:Public finance, Health Economics, Fiscal Decentralization and Economic Development.


Nobuo Akai and Motohiro Sato (2011) “A Simple Dynamic Decentralized Leadership Model with Private Savings and Local Borrowing Regulation,” Journal of Urban Economics, Vol.70, No.1, pp.15-24.

Robin Boadway and Motohiro Sato (2014) “Optimal Income Taxation and Risk: The Extensive-Margin case,” Annals of Economics and Statistics, pp.113-114.

Hitotsubashi University




Associate Professor, the Faculty of Tourism and Community Studies, Atomi University.

Government-registered Dendoshi (Missionary/Adviser) of Regional Revitalization (Tourism). Previously, Professor Shinohara dedicated about 30 years at Tobu Travel Co., Ltd. being in charge of travel commodity development, tour promotion, regional revitalization through tourism and etc.

Research Field:Tourism Designing, Touristic Regional Revitalization, European Island Resorts, Tourism policy , Inbound Tourism , Tourism Development.

Publications: Yasushi Shinohara ‘Column: a Dendoshi of Regional Revitalization Goes! (in Japanese),’ in “Travel Journal” (since July 2008),
Yasushi Shinohara (2013) The Introduction to Touristic Design: the 21st Century is the Era of Creative Tourism!(in Japanese), Nihon Keizai Hyoronsha.
Yasushi Shinohara Creative Tourism in the Age of Creative Travels (in Japanese)” (forthcoming).



SUZUKI, Wataru

Professor, Faculty of Economics, Gakushuin University
Ph.D. in Economics (Osaka University). He previously was an associate professor at Tokyo Gakugei University.
Research Field Social Security Theory, Health Economics, Welfare Economics
Mari Kan and Wataru Suzuki (2010), “Effects of Cost Sharing On the Demand for Physician Services in Japan:Evidence from a Natural Experiment,” Japan and the World Economy,Vol. 22, lssue1, pp. 1-12.
Suzuki Wataru (2008), “What Determines the Spatial Distribution of Homeless People in Japan?” Applied Economics Letters Vol. 15, No. 13,pp. 1023-1026.
Suzuki Wataru, Ogura Seiritsu and Izumida Nobuyuki (2008), “Burden of Family Care-Givers and the Rationing in the Long Term Care Insurance Benefits of Japan,” Singapore Economic Review Vol. 53,No. 1,pp. 121-144.
Suzuki, Wataru and Zhou, YanfeiWelfare (2007), “Use in Japan: Trends and Determinants,” Journal of Income Distribution Vol. 16 No. 3-4, pp. 90-110.




Professor, the Faculty of Commercial Sciences, Hiroshima Shudo University.

Previously, Professor Tomikawa was Researcher of Institute of Economic Geography, the University of Bayreuth (Germany), Lecturer of Faculty of Business and Information, Kyoto Sosei University, and Associate Professor of The Faculty of Commercial Sciences, Hiroshima Shudo University.

Ph.D. in Tourism (Rikkyo University)

Research Field:Rural Tourism , Tourism Policy, European Island Resorts, Inbound Tourism , Tourism Development.

Publications: Kumiko Tomikawa (1999) Study on Rural Tourism and Farm Inns in Germany, Japan Institute of Tourism Research.


Hiroshima Shudo University




Research Director, the Canon Institute for Global Studies. Senior Fellow (Adjunct), Research Institute of Economy, Trade and Industry. Before assuming current positions, Dr. Yamashita was Deputy-Director General of Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries of Japan and Senior Fellow of Tokyo Foundation. Ph.D. in Agricultural Economics (the University of Tokyo)

Research Field:Food and agricultural policy, Disadvantaged region issues, WTO agricultural negotiations, Trade and environment, Trade and food safety


Kazuhito Yamashita (2012) Japan Should Move Quickly to Participate in the TPP Negotiations, Japan Echo Web

Kazuhito Yamashita (2009) “Agricultural trade policy reform in Japan: options for achieving change,” in R. Melēndez-Ortiz, C. Bellmann, and J. Hepburn eds. Agricultural Subsidies in the WTO Green Box, Cambridge University Press