Unit 01 Kick-off Paper: Local Government Financing of Health Insurance and the Revitalization of Japan’s Regional Areas

Wataru Suzuki
Faculty of Economics, Gakushuin University

 The Abe administration has initiated a policy of “regional revitalization” as a new economic policy seeking to correct the over-concentration of population and economic activity ...

Unit 01-B: Health Care, Long-term Care, and Local Public Finances

Masayoshi Hayashi
Faculty & Graduate School of Economics, University of Tokyo

1. Introduction

 Local governments form an integral part of the Japanese system of health and long-term care for the elderly. While the central government d...

Unit 01-A: Designing New Systems through Risk Adjustment

Yasushi Iwamoto
Graduate School of Economics, University of Tokyo

  Public health insurance for Japan’s working generations can be divided into association-managed health insurance for employees of large corporations, health insuranc...