Unit 01-C: Provision of National Health Insurance “Model Benefits” to Japan’s Prefectures

Tatsuo Hatta
Asian Growth Research Institute


 The national and local governments1) in Japan share the burden of fiscal expenditure to fund social insurance for the elderly. However, the system currently in effect has led to ineff...

Unit 01 Kick-off Paper: Local Government Financing of Health Insurance and the Revitalization of Japan’s Regional Areas

Wataru Suzuki
Faculty of Economics, Gakushuin University

 The Abe administration has initiated a policy of “regional revitalization” as a new economic policy seeking to correct the over-concentration of population and economic activity ...

Unit 01-B: Health Care, Long-term Care, and Local Public Finances

Masayoshi Hayashi
Faculty & Graduate School of Economics, University of Tokyo

1. Introduction

 Local governments form an integral part of the Japanese system of health and long-term care for the elderly. While the central government des...

Unit 01-A: Designing New Systems through Risk Adjustment

Yasushi Iwamoto
Graduate School of Economics, University of Tokyo

Public health insurance for Japan’s working generations can be divided into association-managed health insurance for employees of large corporations, health insuranc...