Unit 04-B: Towards the Relaxation of Regulations on Minpaku in Japan

Kumiko Tomikawa
the Faculty of Commercial Sciences, Hiroshima Shudo University

1. The Hotel Business Act and Minpaku

 “Minpaku” is the Japanese term for providing rooms in private houses as accommodation. In itself, minpaku is not ille...

Unit 04-A: Creation of DMOs to promote Inbound Tourism: Methods and Issues

Yoshitaka MIZOO
the Japan Travel Bureau Foundation


 In Japan, the trend towards the use of inbound tourism to drive regional revitalization is increasing in strength. Against the background of an increasing number of overseas...

Unit 04 Kick-off Paper: Issues facing Japan’s Tourism Strategy towards 2020 and Considerations regarding the Easing of Tourism-related Regulations to Stimulate Regional Revitalization

―Orientations for the Promotion of Tourism and the Revitalization of Regional Areas
as Japan seeks to Attract 30 Million Foreign Tourists per Year―

Yasushi Shinohara
Associate Professor
the Faculty of Tourism and Community Studies, Atomi Univers...