Unit 06 Kick-off Paper: Japan’s Fishing Industry and Regional Revitalization

Masayuki Komatsu
Senior Fellow
The Tokyo Foundation


 In the 70 years since the end of the Second World War, the Japanese fisheries have been allowed to operate in “Olympic-style” fishing1), in which victory goes to the operator who ca...

Unit06-A: Introduction of an Individual Quota (IQ) System in Japan’s Fishing Industry: An Economic Analysis

Kojun Hamada
Associate Professor
Faculty of Economics, Niigata University


 The decline of Japan’s fishing industry has long been a focus of attention. According to Fisheries Agency data, Japan’s catch has been steadily declining sin...

Unit 06-B: Challenges for the Revitalization of Japan’s Fishing Industry: A Legal Perspective ―The cases of Rishiri and Rebun Islands

Mari Koyano
Graduate School of Law, the Advanced Institute for Law and Politics Globalisation, Hokkaido University


 Hokkaido is the cornerstone of Japan’s fishing industry. In 2014, production in Hokkaido’s marine fishing an...