Unit 02 Kick-off Paper: Agricultural Policy ―Points for Discussion

Masayoshi Honma
Graduate School of Agricultural and Life Sciences, The University of Tokyo

Change is coming to Japan’s agriculture. Irrespective of the fate of the TPP negotiations, the nation’s agricultural sector must formulate a ...

Unit 02-B: Japan’s Agricultural Policy ―Escaping the Ancien Regime

Kazuhito Yamashita
Research Director
The Canon Institute for Global Studies

1.Factors in the decline of Japan’s agriculture

  Japan’s agriculture is in decline. This decline is particularly conspicuous in the case of rice agriculture. Rice farms a...

Unit 02-A: Agricultural Policy and a New Direction for Agriculture in Japan

Kazunuki Ohizumi
Project Leader
The 21st Century Public Policy Institute, Keidanren

  I believe that in order to increase Japan’s agricultural output, we ultimately have no choice but to rely upon the small proportion of the nation’s farms which p...